Investing: The Expectations Game

Over the last sixteen years investors have celebrated several of the highest highs and endured a number of the lowest lows that have been experienced in markets over the last seventy five years. Through this tumultuous period, that has seen the bursting of the biggest speculative bubble ever, commodity prices boom and bust, US property prices suffer their largest fall ever, major equity markets collapse and the worst global economic slowdown since the 1930s, investors have been poorly served by most in the investment industry.

Investing: The Expectations Game  presents a refreshingly different approach to thinking about investment markets and what drives them. Through an examination of past failures and the myriad of behavioural biases that conspire to make most investors irrational it details why most investors fail and highlights those characteristics and disciplines any investor needs to succeed.

Copies of Investing: The Expectations Game are still available on Amazon.

“This is a small, easily read book. Other books cover much the same material but you would have to read a great deal to find the same information. I have never met Armstrong but I heartily recommend his book for the great deal of compact information all in one place. A good read for any investor” –

Martin Hawes on