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Golfing Knights are rare but may be good for the market!

Last month, while travelling through the UK, I heard on the radio that Nick Faldo had received a Knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours list, this did not particularly surprise me given his remarkable achievement in winning six majors….. Read more

The 2010 Michael Hill New Zealand Open

Sport is never predictable, that is its enthralling charm, and golf is perhaps one of the most unpredictable of sports. The winner in a four day golf tournament is never a foregone conclusion and unlike other sports the best player in the world generally losses more tournaments than they win….. Read more


Six months ago, in the May edition of The Cut, this column discussed the dramatic change that had occurred over the previous eight months in the world’s investment markets and raised the possibility that these profound changes may provide some insights as to what was then still the much awaited biennial challenge between the US and Europe in the Ryder Cup. That column concluded;….. Read more

The Most Expensive Course Ever Built

Golf and investing are closely related, as I have described many times in this column with examples of historic parallels and remarkable correlations between trends in investing and trends in golf. This close relationship was manifested in an incredible physical form just a few months ago…..Read more

The Great Cycle

Padraig Harrington’s, emotional and dramatic victory in The British Open at Carnoustie understandably brought back memories, particularly in Ireland, of the last, and only other, Irish victory in The British Open or any of the other three majors…..Read more

Joe Ezar

Joe Ezar was not on board the Queen Mary on that voyage. In that last week of August he was one of a small band of professionals who arrived in Sestrieres, the Italian winter resort 6000 feet up in the Alps not far from Turin…..Read more

The Great Cycle (A follow up)

One year ago, after Padraig Harrington’s remarkable win in the British Open at Carnoustie, I wrote a column illustrating what has, on occasion, been a remarkably insightful investment indicator, the sixty year cycle…..Read more